What’s Happening In Gaza Isn’t Restricted To Gaza. We Could Be Next…

judaism-rejects-zionismEvery day I come across a post on Facebook about cops in either US or Canada brutally beating some poor man or woman and/or violating someone’s rights. If it’s not that, it’s about how US and Canada are gradually becoming police states, or about how our police forces are becoming more and more militarized.

But have you ever wondered why that is?

Many blame it on the NWO agenda as a way to condition us for the upcoming tyrannical rule by the elite globalists (if they succeed).  And although that might be true, there is actually more to it than that. The two videos you are about to see will reveal some very shocking truths. Not only will you learn the real truth about Israeli-occupied Palestine and why the mainstream media has been working so hard to conceal the Zionists’ sinister plan, but also in the first video titled “An Israeli Soldier’s Story – Eran Efrati”, you will discover the actual cause for the ever-increasing incidences of police brutality in North American cities, as well as the continued militarization of our police forces with their military grade weapons and armored vehicles.

Watch the two videos from start to finish, and once you’ve overcome the initial shock and dealt with the anger, share it with as many people as you can.



Video 1: An Israeli Soldier’s Story – Eran Efrati


Video 2: Israeli Soldiers Breaking the Silence on the Occupation of Palestine


If you want more evidence, watch these videos on our YouTube channel.

Furthermore, on July 14, 2014, I wrote an article entitled “Israel Will Crumble If Everyone Watches This“. It was an article about the Secret Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. In it I stated that, due to the highly sensitive and secretive nature of these documents, it would be impossible to confirm if they were genuine or if they were part of a hoax. But since then I have been doing a lot of research on Israel and its Zionist regime. And the more I read and the more I watched, the more I became convinced that these protocols do exist and that they were created by the Zionists. What do you think?

I have done my duty by sharing this with you, now please PAY IT FORWARD!

Peace to all.

Israel Will Crumble If Everyone Watches This…

Ok here it is…




This morning I saw the following video shared on Facebook by a friend. I haven’t been able to vet this as trying to do so is pretty much an impossible task considering the horrific content and implications of this video. I want you to first watch the video before I share my thought processes with you.



Now here are my thought processes…

When I watched the video, I couldn’t help feeling this overwhelming sensation of anger like I wanted to beat the living crap out of someone, particularly the “Elders of Zion”. But then I shook it off and decided that I needed to determine the validity of this video and what it implies before I allow my emotions to manifest any further.

When I Googled “the protocols of the elders of Zion” I got a lot of articles (some of which are tied to Jewish sites saying that it’s all fiction, a hoax, a forgery. Even Wikipedia said the same, not that I fully trust Wikipedia in the first place. One site even said the following (taken from this site):

In the 1800s documents surfaced which were misleadingly called…

“The Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion”.

Almost everything these documents proposed to do has happened over the last 100 years, but these developments had little if anything to do with the Jews. The very publication of these documents may have been for purposes of disinformation, to deflect growing suspicion away from the actual manipulators to a convenient scapegoat, the Jews.

The manipulation of the world by the secret society of the “Illuminati” is not a Jewish phenomenon. There have been some Jews involved, but no more than members of many other races, and people of all political persuasions, from capitalist to communist to anarchist. All play their part in the covert game plan, and the Jewish people have suffered more than most from the machinations of this shadowy Brotherhood.

To overcome the misleading reference to Zion, we will call these protocols (i.e. secret plans) by their truer name “The Protocols of the Illuminati”, and the name “Illuminati” will be used to describe the elite leaders of Brotherhood who are aware of the real agenda.

The Protocols clearly express the Illuminati’s view of the masses, its contempt of the general population, and we will replace their reference to the Goyim, as they call people like us, with the more precise term “rabble”. It sees us as little more than sheep or cattle. And while its analysis is distasteful, it cannot, unfortunately, be accused of inaccuracy in its contention of how easily most people allow themselves to be manipulated.

Then, it goes further to say…

“Our race is the Master Race. We Jews are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.” - Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin in a speech to the Knesset quoted in “Begin and the Beasts,” New Statesman, June 25, 1982 by Amnon Kapeliouk – from CounterCurrents Website

Of course the above could be true and this could be some form of misinformation aimed at promoting more hatred towards Israel. Or not. Either way, considering the secrecy of these documents and the severe implication of their contents, it would be impossible to prove either way.

If these protocols do exist, it clearly states in them the level of control these elders had over the media and the information that actually reaches the population. That being so, wouldn’t it make sense then to have all these sites dismissing the protocols in an attempt to throw us off their scent?

Regardless of who is responsible for this despicable evil plan against humanity – the Zionist Jews or the Illuminati – if these protocols are real, then we the people have a duty and an obligation to hunt down these 300 psychopaths and have them brought to justice. And if found guilty (which would not be difficult to do considering the plan they have implemented), we shall accept a penalty of no less than life in prison without any possibility of parole. I would even entertain a death sentence because, if you truly understood what those documents said, this evil bunch have achieved such great power and control who knows what they are capable of accomplishing even while behind bars.

Having said all that, I’m more interested in what you all think. Please comment at will. If kept on topic, all will be approved.

Peace to all.

“EYE-OPENING” – More on PRISM NSA Surveillance

PRISM I just installed this new Firefox plug-in called “The dark side of the prism“, which alerts Web surfers of possible NSA surveillance by starting up a different song from Pink Floyd’s 1973 classic “The Dark Side of the Moon” each time a questionable site is crossed.

After experimenting with it  for only 5 minutes, these were my findings:

  1. After installing the plug-in, I loaded the FB log-in page (facebook.com) and instantly, Pink Floyd’s “Money” track kicked in alerting me that FB is being monitored. Not surprising at all of course. Then, I logged into my FB profile, and got the same result. But when I navigated to the Global F.A.C.T. group, all of a sudden there were 3 off-sync versions of the “Money” track playing. Could this mean that there are 3 different agents from the NSA surveying our group?
  2. Then, I opened a new browser tab and closed the FB one. The music stopped. Next, I used the new tab to load one of my business sites and the music started again. Hmmm, I guess they are also tracking my activities outside of FB.
  3. Next, I tried my second business site and that one didn’t seem to be surveyed. No music.
  4. Then, I tried the link to this site, which is the site where I learned about this plug-in, and long and behold, I got multiple hits.
  5. Twitter.com (log-in page) was clear. I have 3 twitter accounts and all 3 were in the clear. I guess Twitter refused to participate in the PRISM program. Way to go Twitter!
  6. Apple.com tested positive. Shame on you Apple! I will never buy another iPhone again.
  7. Microsoft.com also positive. Why am I not surprised?
  8. Google.ca tested negative surprisingly. Then, I did the following searches: Global F.A.C.T., Global F.A.C.T. Radio, PRISM and NWO and shockingly they were also negative. This I did not expect!
  9. However, the Global F.A.C.T. Radio profile on BlogTalk Radio was positive.
  10. Next, youtube.com and it was positive. I have 4 youtube accounts and all are being monitored.


Out of all the sites, I believe Facebook is the most intrusive as it has a lot of personal data on it. Since I can’t see the morons at FB changing their spying habits anytime soon, I’d say WE NEED a new social platform that will respect our right to privacy and never give-in to the likes of the NSA or similar psychopathic agencies. This is something I will definitely add to the list of projects for the FU concept.

For more details about this Firefox Plug-in, click here.

For more details on PRISM and the NSA Surveillance Program, visit the Canadian Awareness Network

Peace out.

Global F.A.,C.T.

P.S. Don’t forget to tune in to Conscious Living this coming Thursday, June 20th at 6pm PDT (9pm EDT) for an interview with Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta – the 27.5 Trillion Dollar Man on Global F.A.C.T. Radio

FREE the WORLD CHALLENGE (FWC) – An action plan for achieving Freedom and Prosperity

Don’t Wait! Don’t Procrastinate! Don’t even Hesitate! The Time to Act is Now!

The Human Rights Defenders League (THRDL)Ok I know I should have started  this challenge sooner, but unfortunately I’ve been extremely busy with some personal and business matters. Anyway, here are the details about this challenge, about The Human Rights Defenders League (THRDL) and their upcoming Action Suit against the Government of Canada. Global F.A.C.T. has ALWAYS been about solutions. In fact, it’s mentioned in the first paragraph of our Mission Statement.

That said, I strongly believe what the THRDL is doing is a viable solution to our current problems with corruption and oppression by our puppet governments and the Banksters who control them. Not just for Canadians but for all nations affected by the Global Elite and their NWO agenda. It’s not the only solution and I will be presenting more in the coming days as Ts are crossed and Is are dotted. The more solutions presented the better as long as we are all TRULY working together in UNITY and towards a common goal – Freedom, Abundance, Good Health and Prosperity for the People of Earth. And the key word here is “TRULY” and not “apparently” or under the “pretense”.

I urge you all to follow these 4 steps outlined below to join this legal action suit. The case that THRDL has is a very strong one. However, you all know we are dealing with very powerful and dark forces who have been in power for way too long and who are not willing to relinquish their control over our lives that easily. So, the more people we have on board the better our chances are. You say you’re tired of the corruption, tired of being taxed to death, tired of being debt slaves? Well, here is your chance to do something about it. “TO KNOW IS NOT ENOUGH. YOU MUST BECOME!” Start becoming by taking action and following the 4 easy steps below.

THE GOAL IS TO REACH 1 MILLION SIGN-UPS BY AUGUST 2013. Here is how we do it. And once this is done here in Canada, it can be duplicated in any other country.

  1. Listen to this episode with Wally Dove on Global F.A.C.T. Radio
  2. Read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights – the basis of this action suit and something that every person on Earth should read.
  3. Sign up as a supporter of this legal action suit. All that’s needed is your name and email address.
  4. Duplicate the first 3 steps with TWO NEW PEOPLE every week.

There are a little bit over 8 weeks (58 days) between now and Aug 2013, maybe more depending on when in August THRDL plans to file the action. And currently the membership of the Global F.A.C.T. Facebook group is just short of 400. So, if we start today, and every member follows the steps above and gets 2 new people every week to repeat the same and so on, here is what WILL happen in that time:

Week 1 – 1,200 supporters
Week 2 – 3,600 supporters
Week 3 – 10,800 supporters
Week 4 – 32,400 supporters
Week 5 – 97,200 supporters
Week 6 – 291,600 supporters
Week 7 – 874,800 supporters
Week 8 – 2,624,400 supporters

As you can see the numbers don’t lie. By week 8 we would have achieved a support base 2.6 times greater than our original goal. So, it is very much doable, even if some of you missed a week here and there. In fact, all it takes is 153 of the 400 members to participate and we’d still hit the 1 million mark by the end of the 8 weeks. BUT DON’T SLACK OFF AND DEPEND ON THAT LAST STATEMENT. We all need to get off the couch and get our 2 people per week. Remember this is for our future and the future of our children and their children. And may it be a Prosperous and Healthy future for us all!

See you in Victory Lane!

P.S. Please like our Fan Page if you haven’t done so already.

P.S.S. Remember to join our Facebook group

Glass Houses


First I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who read my first contribution, and an even bigger thanks to those who commented. There’s a certain appreciation felt upon realizing that others are engaged in things which I find important. Especially when my significant other would prefer to not read anything that even so much mentions the term NWO. When I started the Hidden Dangers in Hospitals article, I had originally intended to write several pieces. The first section was meant to discuss refined sugars with the subsequent two articles focusing on enriched flour and dairy. As both of them are commonly found in hospitals, they seemed like a logical course to follow; however, my brain does not  now, nor never has, operate in a straightforward fashion, and after listening to tonight’s show I find myself wanting to  say a few words on a bit of everything.

I was originally very involved with this movement, but since I first started listening to Drake (the fake?), getting caught up with Lady Dragon’s delusions and meeting (well over the Internet) Tony, I’ve since ended a relationship, met my “true love” and we’re now embarking on the most incredible journey I’ve yet to encounter. However, this incredible journey of bringing a life into this world comes with a great deal of mental and physical exhaustion, along with some (well perhaps a lot of) sickness along the way, and I’ve found myself paying less attention to the Freedom movement, and have been concentrating more on my well-being and that of my (I should give the dad credit and say “our”) greatest creation as opposed to trying to wake up sleeping people who would prefer to stay in slumber. I used to be like Tony and get angry with ignorant people, but my attitude now has changed: life’s too short and precious to spend my energy on trying to change people’s journeys. Each and every one of us has our own journey to take and it would be arrogant of me to impede on that journey. You’re allowed to disagree with me; however, it’s my belief, and it’s how I choose to live my life.

So while that may be my belief, I still have trouble sitting idly by and hearing someone who I respect get viciously attacked without having something to say. I’ve “known” Tony now since he started the Global F.A.C.T. group and have had the opportunity to have several personal phone conversations with him. It’s true that I don’t have much knowledge of this concept of Freedom University, which is partly why I was listening tonight to try to gauge a better understanding of this concept. I will be honest, after Lady Dragon tried to get me involved with Freedom Club USA, anything of this nature sort of sends of warning alarms in my mind. I’m not a newcomer to scams and even once travelled halfway across the world to Italy for a job only to get caught up in a personal identity scam run by organized crime group – considering it was in Naples, Italy, I like to tell the story of how I got scammed by the Mafia. Was it the Mafia? That’s beyond my knowledge, but it makes for a better story. The point of mentioning the Mafia scam is that I had warning bells go off in my head (more like flutters in my stomach, and I do believe in the concept of chakras, so perhaps my solar plexus was trying to warn me of things to come). I didn’t study chakras back then, and didn’t listen to my warning bells, but those same bells went off when I started researching FreedomClubUSA, so anything that even sounds remotely familiar to that sends me in the opposite direction.

However, that’s not fair for me to do because Freedom University may be legit – I honestly don’t know because I haven’t done the necessary research, which is why I was listening to tonight’s show with the expectation of gaining a better understanding. However, instead of clarification, we hear about more drama and bickering, and the one person, Mr. Dean Clifford, who could have helped clarify things refused to come on the air tonight because he did not want to be involved with the drama. I can fully understand and appreciate wanting to remove oneself from the drama – that’s party why I left a lot of groups I was involved with as they spent more time upholding themselves like high school kids than they did with actually coming to sensible solutions (and perhaps those groups were mainly filled with people who had not actually done anything since high school and were still left with that mentality – sorry to be rude, but if one is not interested in self-improvement, then how can one improve any situations around them? Again, just my personal belief). However, if Mr. Clifford is on board with this project and is an equal partner with Tony then why has he left Tony out to dry twice now? I originally said in my Blog profile that I would never discuss ET disclosure or Dean Clifford as I’ve never met either and fully believe that people should only discuss what they know; however, what I know is that it’s not good business or a sign of a good friend to refuse to come to the aid of a friend or partner in need.

So, while I’m not going to say anything about Freedom University because I would be simply talking out of my ass (!), I will say (while I sip my freshly juiced Swiss chard, tomatoes, and apples – the benefits of juicing – now that’s a topic I know about and would rather discuss someday) that of all the conversations that I’ve had with Tony (and we’ve agreed to disagree several times), he’s never been disrespectful, nor did I ever find him to be any of the things that he’s being accused of.  Whether you agree with him or not, he does work hard towards this movement. He’s invested his time, his energy and his money into something he believes in, so if he wants to defend his character after being attacked, then who are we to criticize or judge him for that?

So, in closing, Tony I respect your need to want to clarify some of the drama as many of us (wouldn’t we all in that situation?) feel the same.

I will leave you with a song/monologue that’s dear to my heart. I’m not sure if I’m technically allowed to link YouTube videos here, but alas, I shall leave this one with you and will remove it if told otherwise.


“Who are you? Are you in touch with all of your darkest fantasies? Have you created a life for yourself where you can experience them? I have. I am fucking crazy. But I am free.” – Lana Del Rey




Freedom, like happiness, is a state of mind. No one, but you, can create it.


Ciao for Niao,

Much love,